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Cinestill Discovery Pack


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Grab a Cinestill discovery pack and try them for yourself!

Try one of each of the Cinestill 35mm films in our Cinestill Discovery pack.

Cinestill film is based on motion picture technology used by cinematographers worldwide! The Cinestill film is known for it’s signature halo effect around highlights, giving it a unique, artistic effect.

CineStill 50D

  • 50 speed film (ISO)
  • 36 exposures
  • Great for outdoors on a sunny day!
  • Cinematic-like colours
  • Fine grain
  • Temperature balanced for daylight (5500k)
  • c-41 process

Cinestill 400D:

  • ISO 400 daylight balanced 35mm colour negative film
  • Safe for C-41 processing at a photo lab
  • Process-surviving anti-static lubricant coating
  • Factory spooled, 36 exposure DX-coded cassettes
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • You can push this film up to 3 stops during developing
  • Halation can occur at in-focus, overexposed highlights

Cinestill 800D

  • 800 speed film (ISO)
  • 36 exposures
  • Great for nighttime photography
  • Cinematic-like colours
  • c-41 process