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Film Processing

Yes, we can develop your film, and in-house too! Color film, black and white film, 35mm, 120, disposable cameras and everything in between.

We are Hamilton, New Zealand’s longest standing film lab and our team cares for your film as much as you do (possibly more, they’re kind of obsessed).

Film can be developed only, scanned and files emailed and/or turned into printed photos. Often, same-day turnaround for 35mm C-41 is typical for us – we understand that you’re excited to see how your photos develop!

Develop Only

For those who aren’t sure what is on the film, or great if you’re testing out a new (old) film camera. You’ll just receive the negatives back and these can either be sleeved or rolled, depending on your preference. If you like what you see, you can then choose to get these scanned/printed.

Our most popular option, this is perfect if you want digital versions of your film photos. The roll is developed and scanned using our handy-dandy Fuji SP3000 negative scanner. The JPG files are then emailed via a download link so you can save them to your phone, computer or tablet. We can also pop the files onto a USB if you’d prefer.

Our standard resolution is great for both posting the images to social media or printing up to 12×8 inches (more on that later!).

Sometimes nothing beats printed media. We offer a simple package deal for all services so you can get the best of both worlds. As well as an emailed download link, your photos are printed at 6×4 inches on either gloss or matte paper.

Our standard scans allow for printing up to roughly 12×8 inches. Please see our price guide for more in-depth pricing on printing.

110, APS, 126 and more – we’ve seen it all! Please refer to our price guide for more information on the developing and scanning of these films.

If you have outdated films such as Kodachrome or E2 we can develop this on-site (as B&W) and have had some great finds of old family photos.

Please note these can often take a little longer due to them being a little funkier than normal.

We offer options if your would like to keep or discard your negatives upon ordering. Negatives are stored for a maximum of 1 year, after that we begin running out of storage space so they will get discarded. If you would like us to retrieve your negatives for collection, send us an email at

We run our C-41 film through our modified Noritsu QSF V30SM using Kodak chemistry. Control strips are run through our machine regularly to ensure that our development is in check. We suspenct you’d like us to be treating your film as if it were our own, so we do.

Cross-processing of E-6 film is available. We do not run E-6 on-site but are happy to outsource it for you.

Black and white films are hand-developed once a week (typically on Wednesday or Thursday depending on demand) using Ilford Ilfosol 3 developer at a 1+9 ratio.

All negatives are scanned using our Fujifilm SP3000. We offer standard JPG (A-Series 2400px on short edge), large JPG (B-Series 3600px on short edge) and large TIFF (C-Series 3600px on short edge) versions of our files. Please enquire if you want B or C-Series scans, as extra costs apply. More info on scanning can be found on our Scanning Services page.

You can drop your film off to us at 55 Lake Road, Frankton, Hamilton.

We also accept film via courier. Please email us at for more information on this.

Got the film bug? Not to worry, you can purchase color and black and white film in both 35mm and 120 formats, as well as disposable cameras in-store or through our online shop.


Service Price

35mm Color Develop Only


35mm Color Develop & Scan


Black & White (35mm & 120) Develop & Scan


35mm Color Develop, Scan & Print*


35mm Color Develop & TIFF Scans


35mm Color Develop & TIFF Scans & Print*


120 Color Develop Only


120 Color Develop & Scan


120 Color Develop, Scan & Print


Develop Only 110/126/APS**


Extra Set of Prints

+ $10

*Prints included in this bundle are 6×4 prints on our standard matte or gloss paper.

**Pricing of scanning 110/APS/126 will depend on the number of frames present on the negative. Please see our Price Guide for more information.