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Passport Photos, Immigration Photos & Visa Photos

No bookings required. Printed or digital photos for online applications available. Any country!

Imageland Passport & Visa Photos Are:

Quick and easy to process

  • Compliant with the NZ Department of Internal Affairs standards
  • Compliant with all overseas passports
  • Compliant with all visa types
  • OCI and PCC also available

No appointment needed

What Kinds Of Photos?

ALL OF THEM! We can work with any requirements.

Regular countries we take passports and visa for are New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, India, China, Japan, Netherlands and many MANY more.

White, red or blue background? Easy!

Newborn, baby, child, adult? No worries!

Specific sizing requirements? Not a problem at all!

Printed, digital or code? Too easy!

Country not listed above? We have software that assists us in checking and resizing images which has hundreds of visas and passports.

Our prices start from $25.

We can supply a digital file and/or sets of printed photos. We do the printed photos in sets of 2.

We can also do multiple country requirements off the one photo that we take in-store.

Please let us know how many printed photos you need and what application they are for so we can ensure you have enough prints in the right size.

There are some very stringent requirements and we cannot compromise on some things. Sometimes the difference between looking good and getting an acceptable passport photo clash and we have no option other than to portray you like the criminal you feel like when going through customs (hopefully it’s not just us that feels that way).

There isn’t really any definite “criminal look” but we can help you look like the stereotypical example we all imagine. This is the preferred look for a passport image and will result in much faster passage through customs as everyone just wants that scary photo of you out of sight fast!

The basic requirements are: neutral expression and plain clothes (we recommend something that isn’t the color of the background). The photo needs to show both eyes, eyebrows and your ears.

In New Zealand there are numerous tales of disappointment about passport photos. Frequent comments we hear are: “OMG I DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT DO I???”, “WOW where did all my hair go?”, “How fast can you do it?”…While we can’t really help all that much with the first two (we will try but a serious face just does not suit everyone and passport photos must have your “serious face”, the third one is a simple answer – a few minutes is all it normally takes!

Step One: You come in and we have a quick chat about the details needed for the photo.

Step Two: We take the photo (we do the work, you just stand there).

Step Three: We process the photo – resize it, print it, email it, dance with it. Whatever you need from us.

Typically the whole process from photo to print/file takes about half an hour, but please allow for minor delays if the day is particularly busy!

We do take Australian passport photos. Our prints are regularly accepted, however the odd one will be rejected for not using a print method they require. Unfortunately the print method required is based on obsolete technology that is not commonly used in the photographic industry (it offers inferior print quality and has poor durability).

In these cases, you may be able to submit a digital version as the Australian passport office is mostly aware that in NZ obsolete technology is not as readily available. We retain your photos and will produce a digital version if required (although those specifications are hit and miss as well). We assume at some stage in the near future that the Australian passport office will accept the advice being given to them by major equipment manufacturers – however, in the interim we will do our best to help you navigate their very unique system.