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Imageland – Game Plan during the mandatory shutdown

Despite best plans we’re at a tough spot right now, my nine year old told me last night I should be okay as people need photos and frames to be happy, this makes us an essential business! While that would be nice, sadly it’s not the case and we’re a responsible bunch.
  • Our team is now Lance, Jenna, Yasmin, Joe and Souem. I (Lance) will be doing everything possible to make sure this core of my team remains in work. Obviously working from home has severe limits as a twin mitresaw weighs several ton and doesn’t fit in a briefcase…
  • Our doors are closed, and we’ll be ready to go when our country is fit and healthy again.
  • Our phones and emails will be answered during normal business hours.
  • We are not able to take Visa or Passport photos or print them, if you need us to guide you through taking one yourself please email us on contact@imageland.co.nz,