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CineStill 50D (Daylight) 35mm Film


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CineStill 50D (Daylight) film is based on motion picture technology used by cinematographers worldwide! The Cinestill 50D (Daylight) film is known for it’s signature halo effect around highlights, giving it a unique, artistic effect.

  • 50 speed film (ISO)
  • 36 exposures
  • Great for outdoors on a sunny day!
  • Cinematic-like colours
  • Fine grain
  • Temperature balanced for daylight (5500k)
  • c-41 process


CINESTILL 50D (Daylight) is an ISO 50/18° speed daylight balanced (5500K) colour negative motion picture film stock for still photography. Based on the original Vision3 50D emulsion, this film is prepped and rolled for clean and safe standard photo lab processing. Ideal for shooting in bright light at wide apertures and for producing high resolution, low grain images.

The exposure latitude of this film is beyond anything digital and even most other films can hope to achieve. With Cinestill 50D you can achieve beautiful results by rating it anywhere between ISO 12-100 without the need for push processing. No matter how you meter, you will see almost no grain, but colour, contrast, shadow detail and highlight rendering will be affected by the chosen ISO you meter at. If you expose at a lower ISO you will get warmer images with greater halation in the highlights.

Our new and improved manufacturing process now extends the shelf life of Cinestill 50D, with less noticeable artefacts after expiration.


The Cinestill 50D film has more info: Here