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Kodak Ektachrome E100


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Kodak Ektachrome E100 film commonly known as Slide or reversal film, is a type of film that creates a positive image instead of negative images like the readily available C-41 film. Slide film tends to produce vibrant and rich colors that are sincere to the actual colors and tones present during exposure. Slide film need special care – it requires special chemistry (known as E-6) for developing transparency. Check out our film development information below for E-6 processing.

Kodak Ektachrome E100 film produces some beautiful images with fine grain and neutral skin tone reproduction. Ektachrome 100 delivers extremely fine grain (rms 8), a low D-min for whiter, brighter whites, and features moderate color saturation with a neutral color balance and a low contrast tone scale. This film is perfect for exposure in daylight or with an electronic flash.

  • 100-speed film (ISO)
  • 36 exposures
  • E-6 Developing
  • Neutral tones with moderate saturation

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