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Kodak UltraMax 400 24exp (35mm Film) (unboxed)


Out of stock

LIMITED STOCK – Some rolls may be unboxed – if you need the expiry please email us and we can let you know their batch expiry ☺

Kodak Ultramax is a popular film for general use indoor and outdoor. It is very flexible and tolerant with low light scenarios. Kodak UltraMax film is well known for being good with skin tones.

  • 24 Exposures
  • 400 speed film (ISO)
  • C41 Process

We suggest this film as a good starting point for film users. For a night out this is a staple, it can be used to create a great series of shots capturing the action. We think this film is also suitable for long established photographers as Kodak Ultramax has a lot of low light tolerance and often picks up details in the shadow areas easily missed.  Ultramax is in use by many of our long term customers for shooting trucks and trains as it not only captures the colours but also the very important undercarriage details that can be lost in shadow or blurry on other film.

If you’re starting out we commonly recommend the Kodak UltraMax and for the first step into something a bit different that suits a “nightlife” series you might want to consider the Cinestill 800T