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Kodak 39 Exposure Disposable Camera



Single-use disposable cameras are an excellent way to take a few photos without having to be all stressed and worried about cameras being flogged or damaged when you’re doing risky stuff.  The Kodak Power Flash Disposable Camera is fantastic for every occasion – it can take up to 39 snaps! Get great pictures in outdoor or low-light situations as the automatic flash recharges to take the worry out of picture taking.

Super easy to use – roll over the film, look through the viewfinder, click and go with a one-touch flash. These can be developed in our handy-dandy lab in no time at all!

  • 39 exposures
  • In-built flash covering 1.2 to 4.5m in range
  • Loaded with 800 ISO Kodak film
  • Also known as “The purple Kodak one”
  • c-41 process
  • Easy hold body

Want to know more about the Kodak Power Flash Disposable Camera? Check out this link here!