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Kodak 27 exposure Disposable camera



The ever-popular Kodak disposable (single use) film camera! It comes in a yellow box (with a flashy red star on one corner (oooooh, aaaaah)).

This model has the push flash charge button, so it’s fantastic for indoor or outdoor photography.
This camera is perfect for gatherings, parties, adventures, road trips and even a quiet day out exploring.

Disposable cameras have a very simple interface and come preloaded with a roll of film. The camera is lightweight and  is designed to be discarded after you’ve used the roll of film inside it – once it stops winding over just bring it in for developing.

Do you want something you can use over and over again? Check out our reloadable cameras here!)

The Kodak Disposable Camera can be developed and processed here (55 Lake Road, Frankton, Hamilton) in the room next to where I’m typing this wonderful description!

  • 27 Exposures
  • Inbuilt flash
  • c-41 process
  • Single Use
  • ISO 400 speed film

Want more information? Check out this link here!