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CineStill 800T (Tungsten) 120 Film


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CINESTILL 800T (Tungsten) is a unique colour film for still photographers. This ISO 800 speed tungsten balanced colour negative film is based on the same gold standard motion picture technology used by top cinematographers around the world. Designed for difficult low-light tungsten situations, this flexible film is suitable for use in different lighting situations to achieve a variety of looks.

The new and improved manufacturing process now extends the shelf life of Cinestill 800T, with less noticeable artefacts after expiration. This advanced motion picture emulsion is optimised for a hybrid workflow. It is ideal for scanning, and safe to process in standard C-41 photo lab. Treat this film as a high-speed 800 ISO film for C-41 processing and push process whenever needed up to 3200 ISO!

CineStill 800T film is based on motion picture technology used by cinematographers worldwide! The 800 Tungsten film is known for its signature red glow or “halo” around highlights, giving it a unique, artistic effect.

  • 800-speed film (ISO)
  • Great for nighttime photography
  • Cinematic-like colours
  • c-41 process


Storage and handling: Load and unload Cinestill 800T film in subdued light. Store unexposed film in a refrigerator at 13°C (55°F) or lower in the original sealed package. To avoid moisture condensation on film that has been refrigerated, allow the film to warm up to room temperature before opening the package. Process film as soon as possible after exposure. Protect processed film from strong light, and store it in a cool, dry place.


Cinestill 800T website for more info: Click here