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Reto Ultra Wide and Slim Film Camera



The RETO Ultra Wide and Silm Film Camera is a reloadable film camera that uses 35mm film. Just like the Kodak range of a disposable cameras, the Reto has fixed focus lens, manual winding and rewinding. It is super light weight at 68.8gm and slim at only 28mm deep. This camera is perfect for your outdoor, summery snaps!

Simply pop in a roll of 35mm film and load it in, take your photos, rewind and get your roll developed. The hardest part is choosing which colour The RETO Ultra Wide and Silm Film Camera to buy!


  • Film specification: 135 film (24x36mm) ISO 200 / 400
  • Optical lens: 22mm, f = 11
  • Effective shooting distance: focus free, 1 m – Infinity
  • Shutter speed: 1 / 120s
  • Manual wind and rewind

Not sure which film to start with? Why not some Kodak Colour plus? Or some Kodak Ultramax?


We develop your rolls of film too! See here for more info: Film Developing at Imageland

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