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ILFORD XP2 Black and White 27 Exposure Disposable Camera


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The Ilford XP2 Black and White Disposable Camera is a C41 process film inside a single-use camera! Have you always wanted to try black and white film but can’t quite justify getting a reloadable camera, or did you want to just try the XP2 film out? Then this is the Disposable Camera is for you!

ILFORD XP2 Super film is a C41 process Black and White film that works in a similar way to Kodak BW400CN
XP2 Super film produces sharp crisp images with super-fine grain characteristics. XP2 Super has a very wide exposure latitude, making the film easy to expose even under challenging conditions (can be used as EI 50 – 800 ASA with no push or pull in development), making it an extremely versatile film.

  • 27 Exposures
  • Black and white Ilford XP2 Film
  • Inbuilt flash
  • ISO400 Film
  • c-41 process for easy developing
  • Single-Use

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