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ILFORD ILFOCOLOR 27 Exposure Disposable Camera


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Grab a rainbow for your pocket!

The ILFORD Ilfocolour Disposable Camera is pre-loaded with 27-exposure ISO 400 colour negative film. Great, compact single-use film camera – and it’s colourful. Did we mention the retro rainbow? The fast film combined with a built-in flash makes the ILFORD Ilfocolour Disposable Camera a versatile performer, delivering great results outdoors and indoors in low light as well. The disposable camera has an optical viewfinder – essential when shooting in bright sunlight. It’s equipped with a fixed-focus wide angle (31mm) f11 lens. Shutter speed is 1/125 sec and delivers sharp images down to 1m.

It’s a great way to trial the distinctive look and feel of film without breaking the budget!

  • 27 Exposures
  • Preloaded with Ilford 400 ISO film
  • Inbuilt flash with a 15 second recycle time for low light shooting and fill flash in bright daylight
  • c-41 process
  • Single Use

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We develop film in store at our Lake Road location