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Fujifilm 200 (35mm Film)



They’re back!

Everyone’s favourite nostalgia-inducing 35mm film! Fujifilm 200.

Fujifilm 200 is a consumer film that is a fantastic starting point for any entry-level film photographer. Designed for flexibility and ease of use, Fuji 200 works equally well outdoors in daylight or indoors with flash. It is one of the few remaining consumer films produced by Fujifilm (We also stock Superia 400 – check that film out here).

Shooting at 200 ISO gives you natural blue tones and really wide tonality while being forgiving with the highlights. Fujifilm films tend to be green-based (Unlike Kodak’s yellow base), but Fuji 200 gives a hint of warmth amongst the green.

Enhanced colour reproduction, sharpness, and smooth, fine grain.

  • 200 speed film (ISO)
  • 36 exposures
  • C41 Developing
  • Color tone is green based with tinges of blues and muted reds

Check out some more information about 200 here