We can transfer old video tapes onto DVD – so you can revisit that beautiful hairdo from the 90’s!
Before digital video file formats like .avi, .avchd, MPG, .mov, MP4, .wmv; even before Blu-Ray & DVD’s, you might recall videos and home movies being recorded on big clunky black objects. Billy’s 1st birthday, the Family Christmas of ’92 when Grandpa Joe wore those silly oversize glasses, paper hat from the Christmas cracker and did a jig, Molly’s primary school play… Chances are you have a video or 2 lying around the house from said (perhaps slightly cringeworthy) events. While the video player to watch these movies is long gone (because a small human decided to post their marmite toast in the VCR – I’m sorry Mum [Jenna]), it does not mean you should get rid of the videos as well!

At our Kodak Express branch, we can transfer your old movies to DVD. We can convert many old video formats such as VHS, Hi-8, MiniDV, Digital8, MiniVHS, MiniDVD, 8mm film, 9mm film and 16mm film (the latter you will probably find in your Grandparent’s archives!). A lot of the work is done in store, with fast turnaround times. As with all our services, if you find it easier, you can drop them off at our Lake Rd branch as well as directly at our Kodak Express branch in the city.

We all love seeing old photos from when our parents, grandparents & even great-grandparents were young – make sure your old videos aren’t lost forever & have them transferred today. It’ll make for hilarious rainy day viewing for future generations, we’re sure!

VHS to DVD $35
Hi-8 to DVD $55
MiniDV to DVD $55
Digital8 to DVD $55
MiniVHS to DVD $55
MiniDVD to DVD $55
8mm, 9mm, 16mm film to DVD From $80

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