Photo prints, Art prints and the fancy Giclee type too

Photo prints, Art prints and the fancy Giclee type too 2017-12-12T14:36:26+00:00

Imageland Art & Photo prints have a Lifetime Guarantee!

If for any reason your art & photo prints that have been printed at Imageland are damaged we will replace them at no charge to you! Just bring in the negatives/files and the damaged prints and we will make it happen! We are confident that the Kodak and Ilford papers we select will last and we have no problem offering this gaurantee.

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Because we’re fussy…

Some reasons why you may use our guarantee to replace photos

  • Something was spilled on them
  • Someone (never your child) drew/wrote on them
  • Burned at edges or heat damaged from a house fire
  • A potato fell from the top shelf of the pantry and exploded on it
  • Cat/dog/child chewed it… and so on

Kodak Brilliance Paper

  • Better tonal range
  • Optimised for Digital
  • Less colour bleed
  • Fine lines retained
  • Increased saturation
  • Our chemistry is monitored
  • Lab tech maintains quality
  • Paper properly stored

Digital Prints

We can print your photos from memory cards, CD’s or DVD’s simply and easily – you can also print them yourself via our self service Kiosks in the City branch or Lake Road (the Picture Framing Centre) shops. The results from the Kiosk’s are in your hands in minutes and you can add a huge range of creative touches such as converting to B&W or adding borders & text.

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Can I have my photos delivered?

If you want you photos delivered just let us know, no matter where you are there will be an option. If you work in the CBD we will pick-up & deliver for no charge!

What should I know about digital Photo printing?

There are several ways of printing a photograph, ink-jet dye-sub or electrostatic (laser) prints are common at home and in some chain stores. Ink-jet printing can have a variety of different factors and by no means are all types suitable for photo reproduction. Ensuring use of photo grade pigmented inks on papers designed for the specific ink types is essential.

The traditional chemical process has been time tested and as a member of Kodak Express Imageland is required to maintain a strict level of compliance for stability and quality of the chemicals involved. Failing to monitor and regularly replace these will result in a shorter life span for prints although they may look just the same for a short time.

Giclee is a term sometimes used to imply quality. Giclee does not have a perfect definition but basically refers to inkjet prints on art papers. Consequently “giclee” is a term that can become somewhat deceptive.

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Specialist Printing

Art and Large photo prints are made on this machine.

Large format printing with the best machine available for the industry.

Our enlargements will leave you stunned. Not only do we enlarge the photo, when necessary we will “tweak” the image to get the best results possible. Rather than just a poster we want to create a masterpiece you just can’t wait to get framed!

Imageland can process and print 16 bit images.  As a result there is increased tonal range and future editability is maintained.

After extensive research we chose to use Ilford paper for our regular art and photo prints. This paper is also available for home users by request. After handling these papers for a many years in the workshop we are certain there is nothing better for the majority of prints.  There are occasions when other paper types are more suited for some images and we do carry more options for art & photo prints as well. In addition to the appearance of the paper it is important to consider the structure and composition of the base to ensure suitability.

Imageland also prints (often after restoration) Team Photo boards. These are often used for clubrooms and portrait shots of club members, printing options will be tailor made for your application.

Canvas Prints

We have been making Canvas prints for a good few years now and reckon we know a bit about it. It takes a bit of trial and error to make these just right, Imageland Canvas prints are not made on cheap substitute product – they can be cleaned and also offer a great level of fade resistance. More about canvas printing can be found here.


Our photo enlargements look fantastic on high quality Ilford paper. A common question is how big can you go – this is best determined by your photo, the amount of pixels and if any lens distortion or focus issues are significant. Free advice on the best enlargement size for your image is offered by our team.

Art reproduction

We have offered reproduction services for a long time. There are many factors that make an artwork captivating, we discuss the most important aspects about each piece with you to ensure we understand the essence of the piece. This is not a push button service, we know only too well that effort must be supported with the best equipment. Fine details, subtle hues and texture are essential and we use not only the best scanner from Epson, we also use the best calibration equipment from X-rite to ensure we have the best start possible. More about scanning services can be found here.



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