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Harman Reloadable Camera


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The Harman Film Camera is a plastic reloadable film camera that comes packaged with 2 x Kentmere Pan 400 Black and White film 36 exposure films, batteries and a strap.

The Harman Film Camera can teach you how to manually load and rewind films. A great gift for a film lover who just doesn’t quite know where to start but is wanting to shoot film. We can develop the black and white film in store.

This is the perfect beginner’s camera if you have been using disposable or single-use cameras for a while and want to start experimenting with different films!

Recommended to use with ISO400 or higher film (like the Kodak Ultramax 400)

  • Uses any 35mm Film
  • Reload with colour or black and white film.
  • Built-in Flash Push Switch – 15s recycle time
  • Manual wind and rewind
  • Focus Free, 1m -∞

Want to know more about the Harman Film Camera? Check out this link here!