Fleur Pewter Name Frame

Fleur Pewter Name Frame


Framing does not have to be boring – the Fleur pewter frame is a fabulous way to inject style & luxury into your space!

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All Imageland name frames are made by default with an 8” (20cm) high glass size and the length is variable to suit the name of your choice. The letter openings are sized to suit 6” x 4” portrait orientation photos. Our Fleur Pewter moulding is approximately 53mm wide x 21mm high.
Example shown:
Matboard colours available:
  • Fleur Pewter Name Frame White
  • Fleur Pewter Name Frame Off white
  • Fleur Pewter Name Frame Black
  • Fleur Pewter Name Frame Green 
  • Fleur Pewter Name Frame Blue


Black is pictured in this Sophie name frame example.

This frame style is also available in a white/gold finish.
Accessories pictured not included.

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