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Beehive hangers – Max



Sold in pairs or 10’s, these come with regular wall support pins and screws to attach to your frames.

Now you can hang one frame, or 100, without taking a single measurement! The built-in positioning points on the Beehive Picture Hangers will mark your wall and do the ‘measuring’ for you. No need to own a tape measure or ruler.

No other picture hangers on the planet make the job of hanging frames and canvases as stress-free as the Beehive Picture Hangers.

Check out these incredible features:

  • Stops frames from moving or tilting, even when cleaning or dusting
  • Let’s you adjust the frame, up, down, left, right, even diagonally in just seconds
  • Virtually eliminates excess holes in your wall
  • Hang frames, start to finish, in less than 5 minutes
  • Makes hanging frame and canvas wall galleries an absolute breeze