Do you have a name that is never on the personalised magnets, keyrings & soft drink bottles? Now you can have your name in a frame!

We’ve been making name frames for a little while now, but have recently found them to be selling really well in our Kodak Express store, so we thought we’d share the idea on our blog as well!


Name frames are simply that – a frame which has the letters of the name cut out of the matt board, where you can pop your photos in. These frames can be made with any combination of frame, matt board & glass. And because we make these frames to order – any spelling of the name is possible!

We have been finding people are purchasing these as neat personalised gifts for friends and family – for kid’s rooms, photos of children for grandparents, even as gifts for significant birthdays & other life events.

You are not restricted to just names either! Any words are possible – check out the Kia Ora frame below! This is the first of our Kiwi slang frames we have made; we have more coming through in the next couple of weeks along with some other NZ themed frames, which we will pop onto the blog here as well as our Facebook page when created!


How to order


There are many variables with name frames and if our listed range does not cover the option you are looking for please send us a message via our Contact page.

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