Epson 9900 with HDR print inks

Recently arrived!

Imageland added an Epson 9900 printer recently.

Meet the newest member of our team, sounding a wee bit like an aircraft about to take-off for a few moments before gettting down to printing your Canvas, Gicleé Art prints and cracking Enlargements there is little doubt Imageland is committed to ensuring the best gear is available for our customers to get the best results.

Imageland Hamilton's new Epson 9900

More colour!

This machine uses 10 different inks – including Orange & Green (colours typically very hard to produce by mixing other colours on a printer) which increases the colour range brilliantly for NZ landscapes and sunsets.  The HDR series ink also makes it easy for us to be confident with the long lifespan, water resistance and the improved scratch resistance.  Having a larger range of Black inks also gives us the ability to print Black & White prints better than ever too.

Canvas photo printing in Hamilton


With our previous sole printer it was not really possible to find time in production for printing posters as well as our Photo prints.  By adding this printer we not only increase size and colour ranges, we also increase capacity significantly (4x more can be printed than before).  As a result we will be making poster printing available for local businesses and Students alike – poster prints have a diminished colour gamut (although still very large) and a lower grade paper, these are ideal for short term display but we would not suggest using them for family portrait printing (as so many do!).

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