Black Bead 12x8 Photo Frame

Black Bead 12×8 Photo Frame

The 12x8 black bead photo frame is a great way to display photo prints that are 12x8 size. The clean design keeps your documents inside ...
Black Bead 20x16 Photo Frame

Black Bead 20×16 Photo Frame

It effectively displays larger photo prints alongside our range of standard coloured matboards. Borders mirrors nicely. ...
Black Bead 20x8 Photo Frame

Black Bead 20×8 Photo Frame

Save space in your home and fit up to four standard 6”x4” photo prints in one frame. The 20”x8” Black Slope picture frame is an ...
Black Bead 6x4 Photo Frame

Black Bead 6×4 Photo Frame

Being our smallest size of the black bead range, this 6x4 photo frame makes the perfect gift. With a thick black frame you'll be able t ...
Black Bead 7x5 Photo Frame

Black Bead 7×5 Photo Frame

The bold frame is great for highlighting special memories. Framing at its best!Hanging and stand options are also inclusive. ...
Black Bead 8x6 Photo Frames

Black Bead 8×6 Photo Frames

Bold black curves and a fine simple matboard - this is what makes the 8x6 black bead photo frame so appealing. ...
Black Bead A4 Photo Frame

Black Bead A4 Photo Frame

This picture frames moulding measures 45mm width, the bold style frames a wide range of photo prints, documents or certificates with it ...
Black Bead Name Frame

Black Bead Name Frame

Music says to "beat it" but Imageland says to "Black Bead it." With this name frame the bold black style makes a statement of the perso ...
Black Box 10x8 Photo Frame

Black Box 10×8 Photo Frame

The Boxed frames come with a spacer between the glass and matboard to add depth. ...
Black Box 12x8 Photo Frame

Black Box 12×8 Photo Frame

The 12x8 black boxed photo frame is a great way to display photo prints that are 12x8 size. The clean design of the black boxed frame a ...
Black Box 20x16 Photo Frame

Black Box 20×16 Photo Frame

The 20x16 is the largest of our ready made frames, the Black Boxed is a great way to frame any larger prints up to 20x16 or smaller siz ...
Black box Name frame

Black box Name frame

The Black Boxed frame look great as a name frame giving a modern touch to any room.Have the matboard either right up to the glass or se ...
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