Photo’s and film processing (or developing)!

If you just unearthed a few (or a box full) rolls of old film from a cupboard you’ve been meaning to clean for a decade or two you’re in luck! Imageland still offers film processing.

Colour film developing is not just a “turn on the machine and hope for the best” type of scenario. At 55 Lake Road we are darned picky and make sure we run Control Strips before running customers film, a part of a degree difference in temperature makes a lot of difference. Not only do we run these control strips, we also look at them to make sure we are getting good results from a baseline standard! We suspect you’d like us to be treating your film as if it were our own, so we do.

Processing rolls of 35mm film is still a common service, many films are printed but if you’ve found some old rolls and have no idea what is on them we can scan them for you to check on your computer before committing to printing. We also process 120 film, 110, 126, 220, & 240 for enthusiasts and pro’s too.