White Frames

10x8 White Box Photo Frame

10×8 White Box Photo Frame

It can fit photo prints up to 10”x8” with smaller sizes surrounded by a matboard (colour is your choice). If you have an unusual si ...
14x11 White Boxed Photo Frame

14×11 White Boxed Photo Frame

The 14”x11” White Boxed frame has a distinctive look.A thicker frame than most, this frame packs a spacer which allows you to displ ...
15x8 Fleur White Photo Frame

15×8 Fleur White Photo Frame

Brighten up a space on your wall with three 6”x4” photos in a fresh looking 15”x8” Fleur White picture frame. ...
20x8 Fleur White Frame

20×8 Fleur White Frame

At Imageland, we believe every house needs a 20”x8” Fleur White picture frame.The frames fresh appearance can help save a dark room ...
20x8 White Boxed Photo Frame

20×8 White Boxed Photo Frame

Framing photo prints in ordinary frames can be boring... so put it in a box, the 20”x8” White Boxed picture frame.With a standard m ...
6x4 White Boxed Photo Frame

6×4 White Boxed Photo Frame

Display a photo print on your bed side table or office desk with the funky 6”x4” White Boxed photo frame.Put it directly infront of ...

6×4″ White Slope Frame

It is common to have stray 6”x4” photo prints floating around and the 6”x4” White Slope photo frame is the solution.This frame ...
7x5 Fleur White Photo Frame

7×5 Fleur White Photo Frame

With a flowery texture and pattern, this frame makes an attractive alternative to canvas.Hang it on the wall or stand it up with a curl ...
7x5 White Boxed Photo Frame

7×5 White Boxed Photo Frame

You can place your photo directly up against the glass or set it at the back of the frame with a spacer to create the boxed appearance. ...
7x5 White Slope Photo Frame

7×5 White Slope Photo Frame

This frame doesn't let you make a fuss over matboard colour and allows a 7”x5” photo print to be framed directly to the edges of it ...
Fleur White 10x8 Photo Frame

Fleur White 10×8 Photo Frame

Frame smaller prints surrounded by a matboard from our colour selection, or frame a 10”x8” print alone – this frame is set to imp ...
Fleur White 14x11 Photo Frame

Fleur White 14×11 Photo Frame

Freshen up any standard sized photo print or certificate with the 14”x11” Fleur White picture frame. The soft colouring and descent ...
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