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General Manager

Jenna can be found in the workshop, showroom or in the office. Our day to day admin and the delivery of new services all fall into her role. Jenna was recently heard saying: "I find it important to go the extra mile and do the ‘little bit extra’ for the customer that would not necessarily be expected. Being able to see the expression (hopefully of joy!) on their face because of something simple that I have managed to do for them is pretty awesome."

Lance Enevoldsen
Owner - Floor sweeper

and still sometimes Picture Framer, (please don't ask David's opinion, he will just tell you Lance gets in the way and can never find anything). He claims he can design & make a frame for anything, and is yet to be stumped. He has great ideas if you have objects or artwork that require unique and creative framing, especially so when preservation of a valuable item is an issue. Lance is often out and about finding solutions or creating something new for all manner of customer requests.

Workshop Manager

If something is going to be made, be it from a stick of wood or something flat & bendy David will be the one in charge of making sure it's done. Well known by many of our regulars for his willingness to try anything!


Yasmin joined us in 2017. Talent oozes from her fingers and magical music can be heard as she thinks. Well, maybe not but Yasmin is super creative and will make things look their best.

Retail Genius

We're lucky to have Kim with sharp wit and merciless humour keeping the smarty-pants others in-line. Kim has extensive experience (which does not mean Kim is old...) in making sure you'll get a solution to a problem rather than a product that won't work for you!

Graphic Designer

Quietly in the background a mouse squeaks and you may hear a "click" Sarah (used to be at Victoria Street) will be working on the graphics or design of something you'll be seeing soon!

Friendly helper with much knowledge

Grace has been a part of the Imageland team for many years and often helps on bulk orders, generally getting things sorted and making us all feel good about Pieday Friday. A wealth of knowledge and creative flair ensures Grace is ready to help with all requests and find a perfect solution.

Sheryn Enevoldsen
Lunchroom Fairy

mostly retired, can be found delivering yummies to the lunch room...

Helper of people

Nicole joined our team in 2016 and does all sorts of different things about the place. Primarily Nicole will be found helping people with framing and printing orders, she will also be helping the workshop team on the Remnants and Ready made frame ranges.